Saturday, January 10, 2009

My portfolio needs you!

Katie Peca Photography is off to a good start, and I am admittedly pleased, BUT, my portfolio still needs some beefing up! Specifically, I really need some lovely pregnant ladies who would like some belly portraits, and some itty bitty new babies to help me round out my portfolio.

So, if you're pregnant, or have a pregnant friend, send them my way! If you've got a newborn, or know a new born, please, send them to me!!

I'm still in my portfolio building stage, so I've been offering the photo session and disc of images for $80, but in the coming months will be raising that price to better reflect the time and effort I put into it. So, if you refer a friend to me before March 1st, and it results in a paid session, then I will allow YOU to book a future session at my current price, how's that for incentive?

Thank you again for all those who have already allowed me to photograph you, or your children, look forward to working with you all again!



  1. Hi Katie, your work is amazing...Although I am not pregnant, I will be in the future (hopefully), so I would love for you to do a session. I am a photographer myself... but I can't really take my own photos (had the same problem at our wedding haha). Anyways I will keep you in mind. In the meantime I will refer friends to you. - S. Webster

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