Saturday, September 24, 2011

Baby love!

I've officially starting easing my way back into this wonderful business that is photography, and memory making, and I am so excited!  My own personal family has experienced a baby boom, myself plus two cousins have had babies this year (very beautiful babies at that) and I have a new niece due to arrive later this year, it's exciting times, lots of baby cuddles in the future, as well as lots of photo shoots too!

I just love taking pictures of babies, and moms with their babies.  Infancy is such a small window in time, but it's so cherished and parents visit the memories of their babies over and over throughout years.  So, taking photos of babies, parents and families, it's dear to my heart, I love freezing these precious momets in time for parents and those children go look back on and hopefully smile.

A photograph can capture so much emotion, it can capture the mischevious twinkle in a childs eye, it can capture the longing between lovers, and it can capture the love radiating off of a new mother, they are so much more then pictures!

Today I visited with my cousin Tasha and took some pictures of her and her brand new son Easton.  He is precious, healthy and bright eyed, and she was just oozing with that Mama love I was mentioning before.  They lit each other up, and my goal for the shoot was to capture those emotions for them, because they're so special and this age and this stage in life is so fleeting!  Here they are:

See that brightness in his eye? That's the twinkle! I love it.

Babies are so fascinating, they're so serious considering all love and cuddles they get!

I love capturing children's pictures when they're where they feel most comfortable, and for Easton, like most babies I know, that place is safely in his mother's arms.  

He's this cute, seriously! Check out that little knowing smirk!

Getting himself some Mama loving!

Her love for him is so evident!

She loves him, he knows it, all is right with the world.


Anyway, this was my first venture back into the photography world after my very worthwhile hiatus! More to come!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm back!

I'm so excited to be getting back to business here after a long, exciting and refreshing hiatus! I took some time off to be with my growing family, but now I'm back! I'll be starting off slowly with some baby and kid sessions, and I'll ease my way back to maternity and family sessions soon!

I can't wait to have some new work to share with you soon, here's a little something recent, a picture of my new baby girl!

I can't wait to start taking pictures of your little ones again soon! Contact me if you're interested in setting up a session!