Thursday, June 18, 2009


I took this precious little one's pictures when she was brand new, and now she's nearly 6 months old and getting so big (and beautiful). She really turned it out today! She was such a great little model and we got so many amazing shots! I hope he mother will bring her back soon, its so much fun to have this little princess in front of my camera!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Miss Emily!

I took this picture of my friends little girl the other day, she's so pretty and models so nicely for me (and not for her mother at all I am told, he he). I really like this picture of her, she's getting so grown up! Hope you like it too Carrie!


Little Cherub!

This is my nephew Xavier, aside from my own kids, he's my most photographed little model. I never get tired of taking his pictures either, he's ever changing, and it would seem that he's getting more and more angelic appearing with age! He's 8 months old today and he's such a little doll! He has beautiful blue eyes, dark blond hair (that is starting to curl!), porcelain skin and sweet rosy cheeks, he's gorgeous. It doesn't hurt that he's a bit of a ham for the camera too, he's taken quite well to modeling for me! Here are his most recent pictures!

I've started a little birthday present for Xavier, a photo book with all the portraits I've taken of him from birth until then, I'm excited to see the finished copy, and I think my sister and Ken will love being able to look back over the pictures and seeing how Xavier grew and changed before their very eyes. I've enjoyed the process too, its amazing how babies transform into children, as it happens it seems so subtle, and then one day you're wondering where this kid came from and where your baby went! Its bittersweet for certain!

Anyway, as always Xavier, it has been a pleasure taking your pictures, lets make a date to do it again, in say a week or two, okay?


Thursday, June 4, 2009


I took these pictures of this little princess today, she was so darn adorable and cooperative too! I think I could have taken a million more, but she was getting a bit restless, and she'd already given me so many great shots, I didn't want to push my luck!

Here are my favorites!

Hopefully I'll get this little precious in front of my camera again soon, she was a doll!