Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Still beautiful after all these years.....

These are some of my favorite old family pictures, I just love them, they range between anywhere from 50-100 years old I think, give or take a year, but they're still so amazing and beautiful. There's emotion, poise and heart in each of these pictures that I think transcends time, I am willing to wager that my grandchildren will be able to look at these pictures and still be drawn to their warmth and charm.

These pictures represent what I want for my own photography. I want to take pictures that will be looked back on in 100 years and thought of as beautiful still, warm and charming even if they're faded and worn. I want to make memories from pictures, I want them to be lasting and timeless and full of obvious heart and emotion.

I've said it before, but I think of photographs as time machines, they're able to transport us back to a specific date or event with a single look, and if the photographer got it just right, something about that photo will have captured the tone and emotion of the moment so well that you can feel it again for an instant. How wonderful would that be?

These pictures make me happy and give me something to strive for. I want to take pictures for me and for my clients that will some day bring us back to these moments and make us really feel them again! The bar has been raised, time to grab my camera and get practicing!



  1. WOW Katie, I'm glad you have old photos that are still in great shape!! What wonderful memories!!!

  2. There are so many more where these came from! My Gramma has so many albums filled with immaculate photo's of her grandparents, parents, herself, my mom right down to us as kids! I am so happy they realized the value of these pictures :)