Sunday, December 28, 2008

My little girl, beautiful, beautiful brown eyes!

My children are my most favorite subjects to shoot, and them driving force behind me making the decision to transition from being my kids personal papparazzi (or mammarazzi as we say around here), to a family photographer, capturing moments for other families. Childhood is priceless, and sadly, its fleeting, they grow so fast. I love how a photograph can stop time, and forever hold a memory. A good photograph is like a time machine, capturing the essence of the moment and the child's true personality, allowing us to revisit that day, or that age, as time goes on. When my children are all grown up, they'll have well documented lives for sure, there will be hundreds of albums by the time I'm finished, capturing their youth, their beauty, their spirits forever! And trust me, I know I'll be pouring over those pictures thousands of times, smiling and crying and remembering my amazing children and their amazing childhoods! Anyway, I'm getting all sentimental now, I just can't get over how much a good photograph can freeze time and make me smile!

This is a classic face for my daughter, joy filled, radiant, just a happy, spirited little girl

She's also got an introspective side, thoughtful and deep

Here we see her sassy side, fun, her own person at only three years old!

Thanks for letting me share this with you all, I hope in the near future, I'll be helping some of you capture moments like these so they can cherished and revisited forever!

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